Society & Human Expression Career Community

Society & Human Expression

The Society and Human Expression career community at Jamestown Community College offers students pathways toward a variety of rewarding careers in communications, web design, digital graphic design, music, art, psychology, sociology, economics, multimedia production, and other related fields.

These programs empower students to be successful and fulfilled in their work and to promote positive and ethical change in a diverse and global world. We offer students the opportunity to create this kind of change, starting with the transformation of their own lives and radiating out to the communities around them.

In addition to JCC's two-year degrees and one-year certificates in the society and human expression fields, students can also take advantage of:

Your first semester in Society & Human Expression

Are you starting your first semester in the Society and Human Expression career community, but don’t know which program to choose? You can enroll in Individual Studies and use our suggested Semester 1 schedule:

  • INT 1555: Inquire
  • ENG 1510: English Composition I
  • MAT 1500 or higher: appropriate math course for degree
  • PSY 1510: General Psychology or SOC 1510: Introduction to Sociology
  • MUS 1570: Music Theory I or MUS 1510: Music Appreciation
  • CMM 1610: Public Speaking or ART 1510: Drawing I

This schedule provides a solid foundation for the Society and Human Expression programs, with the flexibility to apply to other career communities if you later choose a different field of study.

Make sure to work with your advisor as you plan your schedule. Depending on your chosen field, not all suggested Semester 1 schedules guarantee an associate’s degree within two years.