Financial Aid Forms

Forms for financial aid

The preferred method of accessing forms is through your JCC Banner account. Your unsatisfied requirements will display with instructions and links to the required forms.

Please only access forms that are required to process your aid. If you use Microsoft Edge, you may need to open an alternate browser to view the forms.

Miscellaneous forms​:

Federal loan request forms:

  • Direct Stafford Loan - If you wish to accept a loan that was offered to you in your JCC Financial Aid Award Notification letter, you can complete the JCC Loan Acceptance Form via your Banner account at After you sign in, click on the Financial Aid tab and select 2. Your Eligibility Requirements. Select the correct Aid Year and click the Direct Stafford Loan Form link. If you do not have the link, please refer to your JCC Financial Aid Award Notification letter for further information.
  • Parent PLUS Loan - A parent borrower can complete the Parent PLUS loan application process online at The parent should sign in using their account.